Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Brother Love Notes #3

It's a slam bang nearly ninety minutes long Portable Media and Podcast Expo edition of Brother Love Notes this month. This episode is chock full of juicy stories and even juicier audio from the expo that took place in November in Ontario, California. Our man Brolo was on the scene, playing an acoustic show, hobnobbing with podcasters and corporate hacks alike and even selling a little of his own swag on the expo floor. He even snagged an audience with the podfather himself, Adam Curry.

No worries if you weren't on hand to enjoy the festivities. Enjoy the expo with us via the monthly podcast. Here are some highlights from the audio show:
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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Brother Love At The Podcast Expo

Check it out folks. This is a video montage from the Portable Media and Podcast Expo featuring the exploits of Brother Love, accompanied by the song Go With The Flow from Brother Love's CD Album Of The Year. Brother Love Notes #3 featuring more antics, exploits and stories from the expo is on the way and will appear here very soon. Til then, why not head over and add yourself to the Brother Lovers Frappr map.

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