Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Brother Love Notes #2

The tequila is flowin on this month's episode of Brother Love Notes. So is the info and so is the music. Cmon and celebrate Episode #2. We have a friend joining us and the music and stories are a flowin. It's a podsafe party and you're invited to join us.

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  • Hear about Brolo's kitty Jules. Don't worry, he was ok :)
  • Meet one of Brother's long time friends, Shyndigg.
  • Get the skinny on the many surprises for the Podcast Expo.
  • Shout out to Hilary from Podcrawl.
  • Brother Love's rock star moments. Every Brother Love show is a party!
  • Shyndigg gets down and dirty on Brolo's past. Chased with a shot of tequila.
  • This man plays the drums people. See the pic inside the CD cover.
  • Hear more than you want to know about Rob's personal life.
  • Shyndigg and Brolo dissect this week's featured track, Silly Boy.
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Brooklyn Bluesman said...

Cool show-I hear you guys loud and clear-the song is the thing. Great to hear Larry talking about his music in a more long term wholistic setting.

Brian DeWitt said...

Brother Love!! It was so amazing to finally meet you at the Portable Media Expo! It was such a blast hanging out with you man! I can't wait to start spinning this Podsafe for Peace song. I'll do my best to get it played on local radio stations as well. I promise i will!

And when the hell did you start a podcast and why wasnt i told?!?! =) I love it man! You have to do more! :)